Serving Those Who Have Served

We take pride in helping care for military veterans and their families and deeply appreciate their sacrifices. We can help plan a service designed to honor your loved one and recognize their selfless service to our country. You may be entitled to collect certain death benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or receive military funeral honors, which are further detailed below.

Benefits for Honorably Discharged Service Members

There are several benefits which may be available to veterans, a surviving spouse, parents or children of a veteran. You typically must apply for these benefits and provide service history along with plans for the final disposition. Our professional team is experienced in determining qualification and helping you complete the necessary forms and applications for any benefits for which you may be eligible.

The VA can provide a burial allowance intended to cover some of a veteran’s funeral expenses, but generally does not pay for the entire funeral or burial. There are exceptions where additional expenses may be paid, such as a service member who is killed in the line of duty. Most veterans are eligible for a burial allowance or reimbursement to help offset the out of pocket costs to their families. We will assist you in determining whether your loved one may be eligible for a burial allowance and with completion of the required paperwork.

Military funeral honors are available for eligible veterans at no cost, but must be requested by the family. Honors typically include a flag ceremony where a burial flag is draped over the casket or urn, followed by a ceremonial folding of the flag and presentation to the family or other representative for the deceased. Additional honors include the playing of “Taps”, a patriotic military funeral tradition. This is generally played with a recording, however can be a live performance if musicians are available.

All veterans eligible for military honors are entitled to have at least two members of the Armed Forces present as their honor guard detail during the funeral, with at least one of those honor guard members representing the veteran’s branch of service. Please let us know in advance if you would like to include military funeral honors in your plans so we can arrange them with the appropriate parties.

Eligible veterans may be buried in a veterans memorial cemetery. This typically includes the burial plot, opening and closing of the grave site, a standard government grave liner, a bronze grave marker, and use of facilities for a service. The VA may also provide a headstone for veterans buried in private cemeteries. Additional benefits are available, such as a marker or medallion to place on a private headstone or grave marker, memorial burial flags, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate signed by the current president.

Navigating the variety of veterans benefits for which your loved one may be eligible can be complex, but we are here to help guide you through the process. We are honored to work with you to plan a service and coordinate selections that best represent your loved one with dignity and respect. The VA provides more information that you might find helpful, including eligibility requirements and application forms on their website.

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